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S6 Tab T-Mobile touch screen not responding to fingers/S pen works fine

(Topic created: 08-21-2021 06:34 PM)

Hello, new here but have been a samsung customer since the s2.  I bought the S6 Tab from T mobile and after a year and one month or so of extremely light use (only on trips) the touch screen does one of two things.


1.  It does not work at all when using fingers (and yes i checked to make sure the accessibility option for disabled or whatever its called is not on) but the S Pen works fine


2.  It will randomly work for a few minutes using fingers but then goes back again to being unresponsive. 


Has anyone resolved this issue?? I contacted Samsung and T Mobile, neither of which helped me because i was one month out of warranty.  I don't want to sink a lot more money into this tablet as it was pricey enough.  Any tips??

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Cosmic Ray
Backup your data and preform a factory reset. This should take care of it if it's a software bug. If it's the digitizer, then it's hardware, but I don't think it is based on the SPen use.