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S6Lite USB C port Only charging with supplied cable

Just received new tab s6 lite. It is the 2nd one, but that is a different story. I hope. The charging port seems to only work if I use the Samsung supplied cable. I have tried 3 different USB-C  compliant cables. The tab does not recognize and does not respond to any of them or indicate charging status. I often need to use a longer charging cable so i have and use them in a variety of lengths. This has never been a problem with my Note 8 which is also USB-C.  Does anyone know if this is some new Samsung proprietary thing or is this a software or hardware problem?  


Re: S6Lite USB C port Only charging with supplied cable

I've not seen this issue with any of my Samsung devices which makes me think this is the cables you have, the charging base, or outlet.

You tried troubleshooting this three items with a new Samsung cable?

You can try rebooting the device, updating it, or resetting the device cache partition as well!

Hope that helps!


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