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SM-T290 Galaxy Tab A 8.0 - Sick of Running Out of Space - SD storage is worthless

(Topic created: 09-09-2021 01:02 AM)

Purchased this SM-T290 for my 7 year old last year.

Works good enough. But the storage really **bleep**. 32GB... seems like we are constantly having to delete apps to make room for others.

I did buy & install a 512GB MicroSD card, but it's relatively useless. Yes, pics & videos can be moved to it... and it appears that Netflix stores downloadable content on the external card by default. However, apps seem impossible to move over to the SD card.

It should not be necessary to buy a new more expensive tablet just to get more internal storage space (since the external SD storage seems to be worthless).

Everywhere I've read pretty much says that either Samsung or Galaxy got rid of the option of moving apps to the SD card and also got rid of the adoptable storage option.

IMO, Samsung has made this tablet extremely inconvenient. No option to use the SD storage space in any meaningful way. I understand some do not like the speed loss, but if it was optional then they would at least have the choice to upgrade storage at the cost of speed.

Feeling as though we purchased a piece of junk here. Simply tired of having to deal with the constant deleting of apps (which we still want to use) in order to use other apps. It's terrible. And add to that the constant disappointment of a 7 year old who doesn't want those apps deleted but is frustrated because there is no space to install others.

Maybe it's me. What am I doing wrong? Seems that the mistake I made was to purchase a Samsung Tablet.

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