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SM-T377V continuously reboots into download mode

(Topic created on: 1/21/21 3:01 PM)

I have a Samsung Tab E 8.0 (Model SM-T377V) that reboots into download mode every time it starts /re-starts. This problem started occurring after a failed update from Verizon. This tablet actually belongs to a close friend.

I installed the Samsung USB driver (restarted), installed ODIN 3.14 and extracted the specific firmware for the device: (T377VVRU1CRF3_T377VVZW1CRF3_T377VVRU1CRF3_HOME.tar.md5)

This tar.md5 file unexpectedly extracts into a single file instead of the expected BL, AP, CP, CSC, and Home_CSC files. 


I already attempted to reset the table using the Android reset screen. After, it continues to restart into download mode.


Within ODIN3 I apply the md5 file to the AP section and initiate the process (press ‘start’). I receive an error indicating that no PIT is found. I restart the tablet into download mode, reinitiate the process and receive the same error. There is not a PIT (partition information table) file to be found within the rar.md5 file. I believe I need to apply a PIT file to partition the firmware space before the md5 file can be appropriately applied. I cannot extract a PIT.txt file because there is no CSC_*.rar.md5 file from which it can be extracted. I am unable to find the device specific PIT file anywhere on the internet. Is there any way someone can help?

I already contacted Verizon and they are unable to help.


I am afraid that without this PIT file I am in possession of a hunk of junk. Please help!


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