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[SMT-510 Case Reveiw] A more than decent case with a hefty price

The Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019 [SMT-510] is a great device for most people. It has good  freatures weather its multitasking or anything else but AAA games or Fortnite for a great price. The only problem is the outer shell easily scratches on the front,requireing protection.

 The case, however, is more than decent.A magnetic stand that can be usedin 1 position 2 ways around, giving it 2 heights, enough for most people. But the rest of the case feels somewhat cheap. I dropped it slightly and it chipped, and for $60US, that is not good. 

I would say this case is a 3/5 when it comes to pricing and 3.5/5 when it comes to quality. Overall, its... decent. Also noting that every other cases cost about the same for a case with a stand. So if you absoulutely need a stand on your case. Sure.If you just need a case, probably not.