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Samsung Dex For Tab S7+ New Features Suggestion

(Topic created: 06-23-2021 09:57 AM)

Hello everyone,


This is my first time to join the community. I hope this topic will not duplicate with any other topic. I have several suggestion to make the Samsung Dex fully functioning to work as a desktop for an IT person. I have been using for the Tab S7+ for couple week, and I use Samsung ex 98% of time, and here are some missing features I hope Samsung Dex team can look into it for the next update. 

  • Keep Dex on both main device and external monitor when connect to the external monitor. with Extended mode and Mirror Mode.
  • Multi screen control panel the external monitor could be on top, left, or right of the main screen, so it would be nice if we can control its position.
  • Screen size (resolution/zoom) the tablet itself wont display the full resolution of native resolution. The Native Res for Tab S7+ is 2800 x 1752 px, but it only display at 1724 x 1079 px. I would like to use 100% res of the screen, then zoom in a little to fit with the view.
  • Full Screen Mode: when I use the windows mode on certain app. It always have a status (title) bar on top of the windows that looks a little too big and it's not go away. some time I want to use an app that need to use the entire screen, but I cannot.
  • Build in terminal (fully function): As an It I really need to feature to run some command currently I use Termux, but it's very limited (even I turn on the developer mode). I hope Dex can have something more powerful than that.
  • Task Manager (Disk/Network/...): This will help me to monitor and control all the hardware and software usage and status.
  • Ethernet Connection Icon I saw there is an icon for ethernet when I connect to cable when I use Phone or table mode, but the Dex mode won't display it.
  • Connect to active directory shared drive/folder. This might not possible, but i am looking forward to this feature. Remove the screenshot button on task bar. I don't know why is this function so important, so that have to lock in the taskbar. I keep touching it, instead of this a snipping toll should be better or hot key even better.
  • Lock the taskbar. When I resize a windows I keep drag it all the way to the bottom of the screen which is will be covered by the taskbar.
  • Notify which app is opened. When I minimize a windows or an app, or when I have multiple app open. I have no idea which app is opening and what is the status of the app. I suggest to make a dot for the app or windows that is minimized, and a border for the windows or app that is opening on screen.
  • Auto fit screen top left and right. This is an extra feature. When I drag the windows to the very top it can be full screen, to the right it will be adjust to half of right screen, and to the left it will be half of left screen (but still free transform mode)
  • Make DexOS. As I said before I use the Samsung Dex 98% at all time, so make a complete DexOS is not a bad idea isn't it?

Thanks for you reading.

Sorry for my English.DTM

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