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Samsung Dex doesn't work with Windows 10 on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

(Topic created: 02-05-2023 09:15 AM)


I've watched videos, searched for FAQs, and tried many things, but Samsung Dex simply doesn't work at all.

I have Samsung Dex PC installed on my Windows 10 PC. All drivers are updated.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 256Gb.

When connected via USB, I change to the Dex Mode on the tablet, but the Samsung Dex PC app still doesn't activate, and just shows a message "To start Samsung Dex, connect your mobile to the PC using a USB cable.

If this message continues to be exhibited even if your mobile is connected, try to disconnect and reconnect or send us an error report"


What I already tried>

Uninstalled Dex and reinstalled

Reinstalled the mobile drivers (on x:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung\Samsung DeX\USB Driver)

Changed cables (all Samsung official and new cables) 4x. 

Disconnected and connected the tablet.

I really don't know what I'm missing. Can anyone help me on this? I bought this tablet to be more efficient, but this is driving me nuts and not helping at all. =\




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You're missing using your phone 😉 DeX on Windows does not work with tablets. I don't know why it is designed that way but it Is. 


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