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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 screenshots

(Topic created: 01-14-2022 03:23 PM)

I've had 3 models of Samsung Galaxy Tabs, my last being a Tab S4.

They - Samsung - have become more and more user UN-friendly. Now they've changed the screenshot method, no longer push 2 buttons at the same time, but swipe your hand across the bottom of the screen -whilst touching both the bottom edge and part of the screen... It sucks. Half the time it move, enlarges or changes the page. The other half it just doesn't take the shot.



Then I read how Samsyng is trying to become the Apple of Asia. Count me out.

Abandoned their phones 4 years ago, TV's last year and now tablets. Will deep six this **bleep** as soon as I get an ASUS. Maybe I'll make a video of me burning it & post it on Rumble.

Good riddance.


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I completely agree that it is very uncomfortable to take a screenshot by swiping your hand. Once I had to make screenshots of a page of one site (the page of the contract) and here I have very many times instead of photos scrolled through the page.

But to swipe your hand across the screen is not the only method, there are at least 4 methods how you can take a screenshot on almost all models of Samsung.

  • Hold down the buttons
  • Swipe your hand
  • With S Pen
  • Via app

detailed methods are described here https://besttablet.info/how-to-screenshot-on-samsung-tablet/

Very strange that it did not work, in addition some manufacturers are now introducing a method of screenshot by double tapping on the back cover, hopefully soon Samsung will have such a function too