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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

So I watch some reviews about the Tab S4 on YouTube and they were very positive about the tablet. After buying it and Comparing it to my Surface Pro 2017, its a great tablet for social media, watching movies and lite gaming But this tablet could never replace a labtop dex still has bugs that need to be fix. There is no back lighting on the keyboard, no track pad on the keyboard the pen works ok but you will need to rewrite several time to get the pen to work right. Its still on oreo 8 and we are about to go to Q. The tablet by itself is good could be great if it gets the updates but save your money and dont buy the keyboard or the pen

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

I went ahead and tagged your suggestion, so product groups who view recommended feedback can see your suggestion. If you go here to the community, we have product specialists who view suggestions.