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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ with Nvidia 3080 Graphics

Imagine a world where Nvidia teams up with Samsung to create an OLED 144hz tablet that defeats the iPad Pro by a decade of performance. I thought that this would be a great suggestion. So I went to the Samsung website to try and find the suggestion section. It seems that was removed. So because I can find no contact information for Samsung to send in this suggestion I am submitting it here. 


I own a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ and I would pay 1200-1400 dollars for a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ that features either a 3070 or 3080 Nvidia graphics chip inside of it to power a 120hz or 144hz OLED display. It would take an engineering marvel for such a thing to be pulled off. But I think between the Nvidia company and Samsung it could be accomplished.


With such a collaboration setup with future collaborations on the table between Nvidia and Samsung there'd be nothing Apple could do to defeat the Nvidia+Samsung duo. Because Nvidia would just come out with a new generation of graphics chips and put those into Samsung tablets and Apple would be out-performed year after year.


Sure it'd take a large R&D budget to pull off the cooling issue but if Samsung and Nvidia pooled their funds into one massive R&D budget I'm sure they could figure out how to get a high end 30 or even 40 series chip into a tablet. Maybe shrinking down radiators and fan technology and having an exhaust vent that blows out the center back of the tablet or something where users don't typically place their fingers when holding a tablet or some sort of duel feature speaker holes on all four corners that are half speaker hole half heat vent. Perhaps some sort of advanced internal cooling system that cuts that out all together. Who knows? But it's definately possible and would put Samsung way ahead of anything Apple could create when it comes to performance. 


Plus if Samsung continues it's relationship with Microsoft it could even be something that is advanced enough to run a Windows OS. Who knows? But as of now Samsung's tablet game is alright but it's not incredible enough to drive Apple users away from iPads to instead use Samsung tablets. What I'm saying in this post is Samsung has a lot more potential if they branch out to Nvidia for a boost in graphics performance. Because for sure Samsung can create amazing display technology it's just the current chips they use don't have the capability to support higher 120hz OLED resolution displays.


Someone brought up a great point elsewhere that I talked about this. Batteries will have to be developed that can handle the power demands of such a tablet. If an R&D team between Samsung and Nvidia were to also develop a nano-tech battery they'd be capable of pulling that off; graphene shows some promise. Between that and maybe making a lower power version of the high end chips you'd be able to accomplish quite a lot.