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Samsung Hates Its Customers

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I am not sure who makes the decisions on choices for the configuration of Samsung Tablets but they definitely should be fired.

I wanted to purchase a Samsung S7+ Tablet.

I am an IT Professional, programmer, website designer and IT Project Manager/Director. I have been purchasing products and services online from the first days that online purchasing was available. 

From the beginning of the process, the online store Tablet Configuration Tool was very difficult to use and navigate. I had to start the process 7 times before I was able to get to the configuration I wanted.

I wanted to purchase a Tablet Tab S7+ with 512GBs of Storage and a SIM Card Slot. I already have a SIM Card so I don't need to get a device with a SIM Card installed.

I tried to configure my device the way I wanted it configured but here's the problem. If I picked a Cellular Provider, I couldn't choose the storage. and If I picked the storage I couldn't pick the Cellular Provider. If I chose a certain provider and storage, I couldn't pick the color on the device.  Every single time I wanted to go back and change an option, I had to refresh the page and lose all the other options I picked. 

Then finally when I was able to choose what I wanted. I called Samsung and asked if I could use a SIM card with the Wifi version, and I was told yes, you will be able to insert a SIM Card into the Wifi only Version.

After receiving the device, I tried to insert the SIM card only to find it is not possible to activate it.

I called Samsung again and told them of the problem and their answer was to return the device and I would be able to order a new one when the other one is returned. I specifically asked, would I be able to purchase one that gives me the option to insert a SIM card into the Wifi Only Device. They said yes. I said I didn't want to return it if that is not possible. They said you will be able to get it the way you are asking for it.

So I returned the tablet

When the device was returned it took two weeks for the refund to be issued.

When I tried to reorder, I was told that I can't purchase one and insert a SIM card. which is WHAT I asked for before the return. And I specifically said, if I can't do that I don't want to return it. Yet, they didn't understand

By Comparison, On Apple.Com I can choose a device with a 12.9 Inch Screen.

I can Choose storage of 128GBs, 256GBs, 512GBs, or even 1TB of storage.

I can choose if I wanted it with Wifi or Cellaulr plus Wifi. 

And I can get it engraved!!!

their website and choices make sense. The flow of the website make sense. The options make sense. The user experience makes sense. 

Your website DOESN"T make Sense. Doesn't Make the process Easy and Doesn't allow me to choose the choices I want to make!

This is ridiculous and very stupid. You should allow your customers to pick the options they want on their devices. Instead you're allowing the cellular provider to dictate the choices that are allowed on a device owned by your customer.

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since when can you use a sim card with a wifi only device ? and you didn't know this already ?

Did you read that I called to ask them about it before purchasing and paying?


If the company selling a product tells you it is possible do you say no, i know your product more than you?