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Samsung NEEDS to release a more professional level Art App, for S Pen!

(Topic created: 07-14-2021 09:35 AM)
They should either Update Samsung Notes to cover art features, or create a new similar app, with ART/DRAWING in mind vs Notes/writing.
Samsung Notes has a really nice drawing feel. Same with PENUP, but both of these lack a ton of features that any art Application should really include.

While there's a few quality pro-art applications on Google play, I think they don't take as good advantage of the S pen as Samsung Notes + Penup.
I also like that Samsung Notes seems to use vector-based drawing if I'm not mistaken. 

Here's an outline of what I think they'd NEED to add to Samsung Notes, to make it viable for art.

  • Canvas size + Canvas Textures (other than lined paper, like paper tooth)
  • Layers
  • Transparent layers /blend modes/ opacity sliding
  • I'm pretty sure Samsung notes uses vector lines, so can this program also be vector? No change here I guess.
  • More brushes (covering art mediums)
  • Easy/Fast to create Custom Brushes (I've yet to find an app the properly streamlines this. Artrage Vitae/6 comes close but it's still takes a long time and it's hard to tell what effect your settings are having since u change them individually) like a brush tip shape + medium material system

They also need to either 
A) Add more brushes, to represent a wider selection of Basic Artist's Tools
B) Make existing brushes a lot more flexible/adjustable 
C) Some combination

Another good way to cover brush bases for everyone would be a "Custom Brush Builder" where you pick from a bunch of brush tip shapes (pencil/chalk/crayon/various paintbrushes) or upload a bitmap stamp shape, and then choose a paint style (matte, acrylic, watercolor, wax, oil etc) which would be like your material. And that paint style I think would effect the behavior of how the color builds up. Then I think every brush should have an opacity/flow slider or something. 
**I consider simplicity to be most important however, over bogging the workflow down with confusing features**
They should let you save your brush (maybe with a fitting icon too) after you make it.

Things important to keep the same:
  • Vector lines / smoothing correction
  • Folder system / organization for files
  • Maybe notebooks could be adapted into comic books / sketchbooks
  • Awesome brush behavior with S Pen!!
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