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Samsung Notes

(Topic created: 05-11-2021 06:33 PM)

Ever since the update in early February Samsung notes is rendered useless. I can no longer open PDFs from any google or blackboard school source nor can I open word, excel, PowerPoint even with external apps. Is there any way I can get a patch or download from the old version so I can downgrade or do I have to go get it from an outside source in the deep web. Note-taking is practically useless on the tab s7 plus now. All notes in my google drive that are in pdf (200)+ cannot b viewed or edited anymore on notes since the update.

The PDF downloaded never opens and just opens Samsung notes just because. It is not there. I checked.

I have tried safe mode, restarting, clearing cache.

When is the next update going to involve being able to download pdf again and other docs,powerpoints, excel? Or do i have to search the deep web to upload a previous patch?

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Go to app info
3 dot on the top right
Uninstaller update