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Samsung System Storage Help

(Topic created: 06-01-2022 12:13 AM)

Dear Samsung community,

     I'm writing this letter to ask for help regards decreasing storage used by Samsung system apps... I have a 64gb tablet Samsung galaxy s6 lite but if I just download a game for example free fire my storage gets almost full and I've realized its the Samsung apps... tbh why do Samsung devices come with all these apps that take a lot of storage if I was using an apple device I wouldn't have a problem cuz apple doesn't force their users to use/keep unwanted system apps they don't use...in an apple device you can even delete the app store... so is there anyway to delete these system apps I don't use? or maybe can Samsung add an option for us to delete system apps I  the next update? 

thanks & sorry for the comparison but this is the only thing I hate in Samsung devices


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So Apple is proprietary and Android is open source, when people buy an Android they are getting a piece of hardware that is equipped with technology for certain carriers, and a free operating system that, in this case, has Samsung Dev Teams working on. So the Carriers and the Samsung community will push their own apps and services on you as well as Windows apps. If you read your EULA(End User License Agreement), by using their products it what you agree to. These apps are referred to as BloatWare.