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Samsung V2 Plus 2 in 1 Screen flicker. IS IT NORMAL?

Model number: XE520QAB

I updated ChromeOS and did a powerwash after initially having the VERY INFREQUENT screen flicker maybe once every several hours lasting a 1/4 second. Still have the issue. Only once it was the whole screen that flickered black, but now its on the bottom 1/3 of the screen, and is a horizontal black bar roughly 3/4'' thick that flashes lasting 1/4 second or less. It does not affect my performance and I am COMPLETELY OK with it. 90% of me thinks it's an OK software issue, that won't get any worse. 10% of me thinks it's a hardware issue, and it seemed like Samsung tech support had a lack of info and they themselves suggested that they have no information on any 'normal' screen flickers that are just 'accepted' in the product's operation. Sometime's it's not a black bar and sometimes it's just that the image on the screen has a horizontal glitch. 


"Samsung Agent

If the issue persists even after a Update and Power wash, then for the most part it is a Hardware issue.
User (08-19-2019 02:34:29 AM)
It's very unnoticable and infrequent that i don't want to be an assh0le and return it if it's not that big a deal
User (08-19-2019 02:34:36 AM)
Ok thank you for the honestly.
Samsung Agent
We do not have any kind of reported issues on your Model."



I contacted Samsung Live Support, and they said I shouldn't have any screen flicker after updating and powerwashing. I pleaded for them to see if they have any information that could settle my concern that is this possibly something that is a combination of NON ISSUES. I do not want to keep returning and trying the same exact model if it is simply a 'non issue' that is 'commonplace' and just a part of the build and won't get worse.

1) completely normal

2)  'it comes with the mechanics of the product'

3) it is expected, it happens but won't get worse

4) just deal with it, it's just a minor 'ding' that comes with the tech


I do not know the word to explain it, but basically, it is a flaw that is entirely harmless. However, that 10% of me thinking it is a hardware issue might lead me to waste everyone's time.


Please, any Samsung tech or any experts in these chromebooks. I tried recording my screen with a gopro but it happens maybe once every 4 hours, so my go pro dies, and it happens when my gopro is charging. If I return my chromebook and get 10 of the exact same ones, and they all have this VERY MINOR screen flicker, I would have wasted everyone's time and mine! I'm really hoping this is not the case because Samsung should put a disclaimer 'minor screen flickering is a commonly reported issue that has no affect on the longevity of your device' or something.


I have had an acer, non 2 in 1 chromebook that never had this issue. I REALLY LOVE this Samsung Plus v2 2 in 1, really do. I'm not not that financially well off, and I don't want to waste Samsung's time if this issue is just a non-reported screen glitch. 


I have a replacement on the way, and I was hoping this is something that you 'deal with it, it won't get worse', but I also don't want to waste Samsung's time literally trying all of the chromebooks thinking it's worse than 'deal with it, it won't get worse'. I want to think it is an 'acceptable flaw', but Samsung has no information to provide me in regards to that. It does not affect my performance or ability to use this laptop, and I am COMPLETELY OK WITH IT. I don't want to waste Samsung's time trying 10 of the same exact problem ,if they all have this 'acceptable flaw', so i'm trying to seek a bit of higher correspondence on this forum.


I will try to record the issue, but like I said, it happens once every several hours, and is near impossible to record myself using this laptop 24/7.


Re: Samsung V2 Plus 2 in 1 Screen flicker. IS IT NORMAL?

Update 8/20/19 midnight


Samsung sent me a replacement brand new laptop before I even sent in the old one as a return. I decided to test the new one.

The new one has the same flicker


Laptop #1 :  (blurred text because the information is inappropriate).

Laptop #2:


#2 happens around the 2 second mark, if you blink you will miss it.


I was hoping this is a non issue / normal 'flaw' but someone told me in this day and age you should expect flawless products. Also, Samsung support tech told me they have no reported issues and that it should not be happening at all after a powerwash/chromeOS update, and that the only other possible thing it could be is a hardware issue, which is my only concern, and hence I am about to return both of these XE250QAB chromebooks for a full refund.

Again, these issues happen once every several hours. So basically, very infrequent. So far the only correspondence I recieved was that this is not a 'normal flaw' but  the only possible explanation is that it "probably is hardware". I have owned laptops and chromebooks before and I have never experienced this. IT DOES NOT bother me whatsoever, but the fact that there is no details as to if it is a 'normal flaw' vs. a hard ware issue, is what disatisfies me with the product. I LOVE THIS CHROMEBOOK specifically, but perhaps it's a faulty build/manufacturing batch.


Unless an expert can convince me otherwise, I am too scared to keep these BRAND NEW chrome books in fear that their logevitiy is potentially affected by this VERY INFREQUENT screen flicker. If it was addressed that this flicker is common and a non issue, I would likely consider keeping it, but no such information exists regarding this model number.



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Re: Samsung V2 Plus 2 in 1 Screen flicker. IS IT NORMAL?

Does it flicker both on battery and when plugged in?