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Samsung is not refunding . Ticket # 4161639024

(Topic created: 10-19-2021 03:45 PM)

I am extremely worried to read similar posts like ming to find out Samsung Refund process is set to No Resolutions and Customer Harassment. It is such a shame that a company of this magnitude would set up a system to escalate customer frustration. 

I am a veteran and bought an S7+ using my verified Military ID directly from the Samsung USA website. In a few months of using it, the tablet went dead. I sent it to repair. After a month, I was contacted by the repair department that the product is beyond repair. I was given an option for an exchange or get a full refund. I opted for a full refund and completed the refund request form with the necessary information. My product was received by Samsung on 9 Sept and my approval request is approved on 29 September. Today is 19 October. Till today I never received an email nor a text with the link from Citibank where I am supposed to submit my bank details so the amount can be refunded. Every time I talk to a case manager, 9 out of 10 cases they have no clue, and the moment they realize this is beyond their control they simply hang up. I am stuck with almost $1000 to be refunded to me by Samsung USA and their customer service department either not equipped or simply not paid enough to go the extra mile. Today somehow I got connected to the Case Manager who after about half an hour of the investigation told me that while he can see the button that should let him send me the refund link, the button is greyed out. It seems the system is set up in such a way that the Case Managers, even if they try to can't do anything to send the refund details to the customer. This is beyond reproach and the volume of grievances I am seeing in the online forums about this same issue is absolutely befitting to a class action suit against Samsung USA.


It is extremely unfortunate that I chose to use my Military ID to buy a Samsung Tablet directly from the Samsung USA website before my deployment. Now I am stressed out with this, in a hook for $1000 and on top of that almost every other day enduring unprofessional attitude of Samsung Customer Support Agents.


Is there any way I can finally receive the Citibank link? I even saw, even after receiving the link it never works. I would greatly appreciate a resolution.

This is my ticket #4161639024

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