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Samsung tab s6 lite won't charge

Yesterday even though it was connected to the charger and showed it was connected it actually wasn't charging.  I moved it to to another outlet and rebooted but checked later and still did not charge.  I followed the suggestion from another thread of hit power off and volume down and after it shutdown it will not start up even though the charge lightning indicator is showing it is not charging the battery and now cannot power up.


This is the 2nd one I have had in less than 6 months.  Samsung tablets are trash now as they cannot seem to go more than a few months without an issue.  The first one became a brick and now this one seems to be a brick with a lightning indicator.  This will be my last Samsung purchase too much wasted money and time.


Re: Samsung tab s6 lite won't charge

he you tried connecting it to a different charger from a different device or is that possibly a different charger then the original one that was mistakenly switched? if the device is a comparable type device whether is a phone or what not can be used for the tab so you can check to make sure its not the box plug in or the wires issue instead of the tablets issue since the charging light can show with a very low signal as well as the charging message. if it's not comparable cause it's older or newer then it would still register but do pretty much nothing. seeing as you've been with low power level on the tablet for a bit and been trying to charge it and have turned it off and on and things, your probably below the allowed minimum battery requirement for safe start up procedures and would need it charged or connected to a working charge to start up again hence the try another charger/ make sure you have the right charger or borrow a friend's and see, cause if not then you'll probably have to take it somewhere.