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Screen Mirroring with Galaxy Tab A (8" 2019) model SM-T295


My recently purchased Galaxy Tab A 8" ( SM-T295, International version) tablet's UI does not provide the "Wireless Display" option typically found under the "Settings>Display>Wireless Display" screen.

Selecting that display option normally engages Android's 'Wireless Direct' functionality which enables it to search for & connect directly to a compatible WiFi receiver (dongle) or to a Smart TV.

Since my table's UI implementation does not include that option-selection (despite being available within Android 9, Pie) I am seeking advise on alternative means to achieve Screen Mirroring of my (rare, INTL) tablet to a (smart or dumb) TV.


Can I download a more relevant UI core? Firmware update or patch?

ANY (qualified) ADVISE MUCH APPRECIATED..... Smiley Frustrated