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Screen saver and dimming

(Topic created: 06-06-2024 01:43 PM)

Screen saver and screen dim not working while connected to external monitor...I've tryed even using apps on play store to dim and nothing works while it's plugged into my monitor/tv through c cable to HDMI (to note: I'm not using dex and won't as long as the quality is less then what I get plugged directly in and I don't like the PC style front end. As well I won't use screenshare cause of the lag in keyboard use and again quality not being the best)

So to reflect this problem is... usb -c to HDMI direct connect to external monitor/tv  tablet does not dim or screensave. 


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I don't think it's supposed to, because if the screen is off, you won't be able to see anything on the monitor.  The phone does not work like a PC, where the video adapter translates the signal from a non-video source (the HDD) to a video receiver (monitor).  The phone is both the video source and receiver.  The monitor is just an additional video receiver. So, when plugged into the USB-C to HDMI adapter, the phone screen will not time out.  If it does, you will have no image on your screen (except, perhaps your AOD). The monitor won't time out as long as there is a video signal going to it.  So, if your aim in using the monitor is to save your phone screen from burn it, it's not going to work.