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SideSync calling

After seeing all the great things side sync can do I check the OS specs for phones and tablets and bought a 10.1 2014 tablet running lollipop and an S5 phone running marshmello, loaded sidesync on both. The tablet is mounted in my SUV and my plan was to have calls come to the tablet from the S5 phone and be able to hear and take calls. It doesn't work...What am I missing. I have a bluetooth device to pick up the tablet and connect it via FM signal to the SUV stereo. I noticed that when I tried to make a call when the two were connect with SideSync an error popped up on the tablet saying I had to use the phone during the call??? If that's the case it defeats my whole reason for doing all of this. Can anyone help?


Thanks, Brett

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: SideSync calling

This feature is for PC and mobile device, not mobile to mobile. You can find more information here: Link