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Sleep prevention from within an app

(Topic created: 07-20-2021 11:59 AM)

I have a new TAB s7 that I am quite happy with; the speed and graphics are great.

What I would like to do is, if I'm running a particular app (in this case- Real Racing 3), prevent the tablet from sleeping. There is minimal "finger interaction" during a race, just a tap now and again for braking in a sharp turn. If it's a long race (some are long courses with 3-4 laps), the screen will go black and the little lock in the middle of the screen won't allow me to do anything until I swipe it outwards. Quite often, that's just enough time for me to run off the road and have half the field pass me. Not good 🙂

Seems to me on my older Samsung tab and a Lenovo tablet I had that there was an option within Setting>Apps to prevent this from occurring. I can't seem to find that on my S7. I know I could turn the timeout up to 10 or 30 minutes (already have it at 5, and that's not always long enough), but I'd rather be able to control it through the app settings.

Thanks for any ideas you may have to accomplish this 🙂

SC Tom
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