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Some noob questions. Samsung S7+ and keyboard bookcover.

(Topic created: 11-29-2021 11:46 PM)

My first Samsung S7+tablet , get great deal when i turn in older Samsung tablet. But anyway i also buy keyboard bookcover from samsung and it little bothers me.

1, In the middle is space for Spen why is that its not charging while its there ? Should be great feature. On the back of S7+ + cover it just hangs out like some tumor and i always put any device with screen with screen up.

2, I sometimes use my S7+ with cover like fully open so keyboard is on the other side of the screen i hope i describe it good. I am little worried that it break in where i fold it if use it like this too much. Sometimes it lays on my table with keyboard down and screen up and i just click on things. Not too much pressure just gentle touchs.

3, Why not NFC. I dont need it so much but it just sometimes get me mad in so premium tablet with premium price dont have NFC. I guess it costs few cents.

4, When Spen is active my normal touches by fingers are somewhat sluggish but i guess this is by design.

5, i know it has huge screen but some apps (like edge) is in desktop mode by default and some websites sometimes dont know if they want use mobile or desktop version and switch back and forth. But this is maybe Edge fault.

6, i am for some reason scared that keyboard cover press on screen when closed. others book covers i have , they have litlle space between screen and cover.

Thank you for reading.

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