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Stop messenger push notifications I've already read

Every time I unlock my Samsung Tab S3, turn on wifi, or power it on, I continuously receive push notifications of all the Facebook Messenger messages I haven't opened on my tablet since the last time I used it, even if I have read them on another device.


Now I do not want to turn push notifications for Messenger off. However, I do not want to recieve them for any of the messages I've read on another device. In general, it takes insanely long to start up my tablet and start doing the stuff I planned due to this issue. It is driving me nuts. Whenever I start my tablet, Messenger heads keep popping up with old messages I've read. I keep getting rid of the heads but they keep popping up until all the latest messages I haven't read yet on my tablet are received.


I do not have this issue any of my PC's, (Samsung) mobile phone, or (Samsung) watch. Hence, I believe there should be a way to get rid of this issue on my tablet. I hope anybody here can help me.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Stop messenger push notifications I've already read

It is a push notification, so it gets sent to the device as soon as this happens. This will occur with all push notification apps because the signal goes one way. The only way to change this would be to turn off the notifications or to contact Facebook.