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Tab 8 Ultra Keyboard Keys

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HI All,

I Purchased a book cover for my tab 8 ultra back in December, nothing but good things to say about the design and functionality.

that being said, i have had 4 of the keys come loose on me, i managed to fix 2 of they and they have stayed in place, but the other 2 are broken, i contacted currys but they said they cannot help as i am past my 30 day warranty.

any ideas where i could purchase the full keys including the backing clip? or has anyone had this issue and found a way to resolve it.


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I have not seen any requests like yours for any keyboards. Samsung doesn't typically sell repair components. I would guess that the only way to repair it is to either buy a parts keyboard or send it in for repair but I'm not sure that they would even do an out of warranty repair for it. In the US I believe the keyboard has a 1 year warranty.
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