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Tab S3 motherboard deemed “irreparable” by authorize repair shop

(Topic created: 10-09-2021 09:19 AM)

My tablet just celebrated its 3rd birthday. I went to use it on Sunday and was greeted with the reboot loop problem. I tried everything google could offer. I then, on the advice of a Samsung representative, took the device to the authorized repair shop “ubreakifix” so they could assess the issue. They called yesterday to tell me my beloved tablet is irreparable, since it is a motherboard issue that would cost more than a replacement device would.

Samsung told me, in a call right after the one from ubreakifix, that Samsung could and would indeed fix the motherboard. I asked the price, and they said they would have no idea until they see the device, despite a fulsome report available from the authorized repair shop that explains what went wrong, and that if I refuse the repair due to the estimate received (which will most likely cost more than a replacement device), that I would then incur a $55 fee to cover the shipping and time.

I’ve never had a technology device completely die beyond my control within 3 years. I am a gentle user and the motherboard is outside my control. Samsung, I am asking you to do the right thing and transparently fix a device that should not end up in a landfill, with a maximum repair cost quoted up front based on the report provided by your chosen authorized dealer. You made the decision to make motherboard replacement more expensive than the device itself, it’s now your choice to not take advantage of your customer. I loved my tablet, as much as my family has loved other Samsung devices we own now and in the past, and should this situation not be resolved in some fair manner I will commit to never purchasing another one. This experience has tested the trust I have with your organization and its business practices. 

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