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Tab S6 Lite S-Pen Tilt Orientation Bug

(Topic created on: 11/1/20 3:33 PM)

I'd like to report a bug as well as as a fix for the Tab S6 Lite: The tilt orientation doesn't work properly on the Tab S6 Lite. Tilt only works properly in diagonals. This is because Tilt X and Tilt Y are swapped in the Wacom driver in /drivers/input/wacom/wacom_i2c.c


Other reports of this bug:


https://eu.community.samsung.com/t5/tablets/samsung-tab-s6-lite-spen-rotation-issue/td-p/1857736 https://www.infinitestudio.art/post.php?post=4093


The bug can be easily tested using Stylusis or Infinite Painter. Tilt is super important for shading in art apps, and it works on ever other S-Pen device (except the Note 10 Lite, which has a similar bug). It should work here but currently doesn't.


A dev on XDA just easily fixed this in custom firmware. Please fix this in official firmware and push an update!

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