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Tab S6 - Multi User - Kids Home launcher blocks another user app usage

Hi all,


I have this issue with my Tablet S6.


Tab S6 - Multi User - Kids Home launcher blocks another user app usage:



Tab S6 (Orange New)

Two users:

First - admin - me, second - kid.

First user have One UI as default launcher.

Second user have kids home as default launcher. It goes there directly after unlocking screen on that user.

What works:

Working as first user, then switching to another user at locking screeen. It goes as it supposed to kids home. Switching back to first user works as well.


What doesnt work:

After being on Second User in Kids Home app, when you lock the device (or turn off Kids Home back to One UI on second user) and switch back to first user there is an serious issue. This leads to all the application and settings being locked on admin user (non-kid user). No prompts of any sorts, it is just all the icons and settings are unresponsive. The only thing that works is the restart of the device. After restart you can go to first account and everything works fine then.


Temporary solution:

Restart device.


No permanent solution yet.

I tried to do the recommended way with kids account set as a first, but it led to more issues as it had to be first one (admin).... That was causing another installation issues, account issues and access issues. I do not recommend it unless the device is ONLY for kid use.


Thanks for your input.