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Tab S6 bug when using OTG cable

I'm trying to connect my Tab S6 (SM-T867V) to my Logitech mouse, but as soon as I connect the OTG cable to the Tab, even before the mouse controller is insterted, I get a notification that says USB connector connected and then it switches to USB connector disconected and just keeps flipping between the two notifications every few seconds, seemingly endlessly. I tried the otg cable with my Note 9 (SM-N960U) and it works perfectly fine with my mouse. The Tab and Note prompt me with charging/file transfer when the otg cable is hooked into the Note and connected to the Tab via a usb c cable so that seemed to work fine. The tab also works normally when charging and using a usb c to hdmi adapter, so I don't think it's a port issue. Both devices are on One UI 2.1 and both have USB 3.1 type C 1.0 reversible connectors, so I'm really confused as to why I'm getting this bug. If anyone has a solution, I would greatly appreciate it!