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Tab S7 Plus Keyboard

(Topic created: 05-20-2021 01:25 AM)

The keyboard is a great addition to the Tab s7 Plus. I purchased it to replace my laptop but I cannot think to endure the problems of the trackpad. 

When scrolling through websites, the double finger gesture does not catch the first two times. Once my fingers have moved down about 1/4 of the trackpad, it then begins to operate. Super annoying. 

When using the trackpad to navigate the cursor, the lack of accuracy is frustrating. It seemingly "glitches" to the spot I am attempting to select or manipulate. When trying to select the exit option from a website, it instead selects the minimize option. 

When writing a document, I cannot select text by double tapping the trackpad, I have to manually double click the track pad so as to highlight the text. 

When in dex mode an and attempting to move windows around for an optimal view, I cannot simply double tap the trackpad to "grab" and move the window, I have to manually click down on the track pad to obtain a "grasp" on the window to move it. 

For a keyboard that is $200, samsung has definitely dissapointed this user's experience. 

Perhaps there have been updates in which the keyboard must be physically connected to the tablet in order for it to sync or download? Or perhaps some software updates regarding these trackpad issues need to be in one of the several updates that samsung devices receive. 

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Test the double tap function in other environment