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Tab S7 battery completely drains over night seemingly from display turning itself on

(Topic created: 07-03-2021 04:45 AM)

Now for the third time my new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7's battery was fully drained in standby mode over night while not being used and the original book cover being closed. The battery app shows that the screen was turned on for about 16 hours, but at the same time showing no app usage at all. Does anyone experience the same or has a solution for this problem?

Screenshot: https://i.postimg.cc/T39Vf72H/Screenshot-20210703-025539-Device-care.jpg

As you can see in the screenshot above, in the selected time frame the screen was on for about 2 hours. This keeps repeating until the battery is fully drained and the device turns off. Additional note: After recharging and powering up the device the S-Pen's battery shows low energy, as if the pen was also fully drained.

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Yes me too it dies on its own