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Tab S8 & One UI Feature Request

(Topic created: 05-09-2022 08:51 AM)

-Fix your bluetooth idle, pairing and unpairing experience. My entire devices flashes into a screen refresh every time one of my bluetooth devices goes idle, pairs or unpairs and not just my screen, it causes whatever active app i'm using to refresh and almost restart. Makes for a bad experience when i'm on a conference call and my bluetooth mouse goes idle and my entire screen refreshes. I only know that its possible to fix this because this NEVER happens on my iOS devices but I stepped away from iOS iPad experience to give the Samsung Tab S8 a chance due to DeX mode solving a lot of iOS issues...but this one feature of bluetooth issues is a huge problem in the experience. Not premium at all.

-Press and hold on apps to bring up menu where I can choose between popup or multi task. if it exists its not obvious.

-Pop Up Apps should not stay on top when using them in tablet mode. Gets in the way of work flow

-Make the edge panel an app window drawer. Having app window dock that you can rotate certain quick reference apps and swipe away is super useful and one of the only reasons iOS on iPad is half useable.

A good idea in principle for multi tasker. (Think Calendar, Notes, Email, Messages, Social Media) Its easier to make it a drawer people can slap their apps into.

-Adding the option to not just record screen but actually just record the video conference feed since zoom or other apps don't want to let you record locally (also remove the time code and date left on the video not ideal at least make it optional.)

-Vivaldi browser is the ideal browser to follow as an example in terms of features for the android world but even it falls short of something very important because most websites flag any screen of a certain size regardless of the "Request Desktop Site" option in mobile browsers.

In Particular Google Web Apps and that's a big problem given how many users daily drive Google Web Apps...Lets face it the Google Mobile apps just aren't as good.

So an actual Desktop Browser would be a literal game changer. I know ARM makes that difficult but if Apple can write a Rosetta program I know Samsung can do the same and more innovative to at least PORT over a real Desktop Browser.

-Add more Advanced access in Settings (even if its developer mode) to change keyboard management of trackpad or mouse speed and scroll direction (invert) for bluetooth devices (WOULD BE A HUGE HELP) this includes allowing for it to test out how gestures would work on different bluetooth devices.

Otherwise, expanding beyond a folio style keyboard would be needed. WHY? Given the science behind putting your screen at eye level it would be cool to detach my keyboard and still have it become bluetooth capable instead of simply not working the minute I detach it.

Also, folio is great for consuming content but what about when I want to use it as a laptop the flat on the table design isn't ideal when using it on the go at an airport or something and a case and keyboard design similar to the Brydge Max + for the 12.9 inch iPad Pro is an awesome design truly making your tablet feel like a laptop replacement....unfortunately as we all know iPad OS is severely limited with the only two things to their credit being their autofill/password generator that works truly well...And as mentioned earlier the slide over app which acts like a drawer that can mirrors the edge panel but with actual apps in them instead of Samsung "apps" is sooooo useful for multi tasking even with windows because of the quick reference power for a calendar, music app like Spotify etc, email quick reference. an as soon as I click away I can go back to what I was doing -


-A files app that allows for click and drag instead of the current workflow having to press and hold select each file you want to take an action on and then select move to a new folder. Also, This same file browser should be able to playback audio or video internally without the need for a 3rd party app. What MacOS has been able to do with Finder is insane now that I look at everything else thats out there - playback for audio, video and preview of images with drag and drop gestures....it's insane to see this isn't the standard. So many other added features on Android files apps like double panes etc but not even the basics exist yet like drag and drop.

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