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Tablet 9 Plus with Verizon cellular

(Topic created: 04-01-2024 06:57 PM)
Has anyone figured out a way to have call and text on your tablet since Verizon removed call and text on other devices and not told anyone or Samsung not making us aware of this when we pay all the extra money for cellular for.
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Epic Samsung Care Ambassador

Thats a carrier responsibility, not Samsung.  The HW is fully capable of call and text but the locked firmware is not.

Having said that Verizon makes a pretty good messagin=g app, Message+, which does a great job of call and text and unlike either the Call and Text feature or Google messages, Message+ once setup, does not need the phone to be within range or even to be on.  The tablet will be able to message and send and receive calls without the phone being around.

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