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Tablet A7 warranty repair/replacement Samsung's total non-concern

(Topic created: 10-06-2021 07:51 AM)

I am totally disappointed with Samsung’s customer service as I am a long time user of Samsung products. The following is my dilemma. I’ve had to send in my A7 tablet for repairs twice because the operating system shut down completely anytime and anywhere in the middle of programs. I use my tablet for my business and I am now completely out of sorts. This time I sent it back under warranty for repairs on September 9, of which I should have had it returned in 7 business days. I received a call last week with information that it was unrepairable and you would send me an upgrade,  the A7FE. I was totally disappointed but graciously accepted the solution. This morning I received a message from Samsung that you were working to allocate a replacement unit and will provide an update when the warehouse prepares my shipment. I thought that I may be still asleep so I reread the text message again. Unbelievable that Samsung after holding my tablet for almost a month has to FIND a replacement tablet. My God..I may have been born at night but not last night! Upset I contacted customer service and was told that it would be another 15 days before I receive my tablet! Again, Unbelievable that you treat your loyal customer in such a non-commitable, rude, non-caring manner. So now it seems that I might receive my tablet by mid to end October. So you’re telling myself and the world that you’re not a reputable company and that you lie and do not keep commitments. I find this totally unacceptable. I also find this hard to believe that I am a staunch supporter of your products yet this is the treatment that I receive from Samsung. My name is Warren ***** and my ticket number text to me this morning is *****. I am requesting your help with this matter.

I am only posting this concern here because I could not locate anyone in American corporate offices to send this to. My email was returned from India stating that I should contact the country of origin where the product was purchased. Samsung has made it extremely difficult to contact them with any concerns.


Thank you.

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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

I understand this has been frustrating for you. Please send your ticket number to this PM Link, and I will look in to this.

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