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Tablet stolen with firearm

(Topic created: 05-18-2022 04:50 PM)

I literally had everything I owned and what was left of my deceased father's in a truck. Yes police report filed. They got my Samsung galaxy 4 10.1. I had find my phone on it. They turned it on once and I got an email saying that my tablet was powered off and on irregularly so they locked it. But then I locked it from the find my phone app. This was October. I repeatedly check it. Now its saying the find my phone app is turned off. How is this possible??? Did they just hard reset it or what??!?! I have the imei number and its registered to me. There was stuff like my dad's shaving bag I desperately want back. They got my dad's phone and tablet too. Police are not helping. It was a black male and a white older female. The guy was younger looking. They stole a .9mm RUGER also. Please help. I have a detailed list of everything. Including an iPad and go pros. But I do not care about these. 

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Sorry for your loss. If the tablet was actually able to be locked back in October then the battery may be dead and the app would then appear to be off. Unfortunately there's nothing that we can do to help.
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