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Trying to get my wifes S7 Tab replaced

(Topic created on: 4/8/21 1:26 PM)

A week after my wife got the Tab 7 for Christmas, she noticed a little crack in the screen.

We sent it off to be repaired. 6 weeks later, it came back with a 2 1/2 inch scratch on the back. I complained. The said send it back. It came back the same. But with a different sticker. 

I call and complain. They say it cant be repaired. I think, why didnt they tell me that when they scratched it?

I wait 25 minutes on hold while the 1 helpful rep they have tries to get us a replacement. While on hold, the phone disconnects. I call back and the disinterested rep wants to know my reference number.

Samsung has had my wife's S7 Tab longer than she has, they scratch it and don't own up to it.

They know my issue and my #.  

How can I get them to finish replacing it when the guy never gave me any reference #?

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