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Unable To Uninstall Netflix on Galaxy Tab A7

(Topic created on: 4/25/21 1:23 AM)

When watching Netflix, the app will all of a sudden stop working and will throw an error. The only way I've found to correct the issue is to restart the device.  This happens multiple times a day, and can occur multiple times in minutes or an hour.
First, I went to the Apps page and pressed on the Netflix icon hoping to see the option to Uninstall the app, but it wasn't listed.
I then went to the device settings and then to Apps>Netflix. The option to uninstall wasn't listed there either so I cleared the cache. 
Then I went to Google Play and looked up Netflix. Uninstall wasn't an option there either, but there was an option to Update, so I selected it. I then restarted the device.  
Errors are still occurring and causing Netflix to stop playing the video. The only way it will start playing again is to initiate a restart.  
I haven't had this issue with other video apps like Prime Video or Disney +, only with Netflix. I tried contacting Netflix, but haven't found a solution.

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Have you tried clearing the Data of the Netflix app (not just Cache)?
Netflix is a pre-installed system app on a lot of recent Samsung devices so yeah, can't uninstall without root or adb.