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Verizon hotspot issues?

I've got Do more unlimited and I'm having some issues with mobile hotspot. I do a speed test on my tablet and get good speeds for about 5-10 seconds, then it drops off completely. I use it for a tablet for work, and when I try to download an app, it gets to 80-90% and stops. I then try to watch a youtube video, it get about 10-15 seconds in, and starts buffering. I have do more unlimited and I'm only 1gb into the 15. So it shouldn't be throttling. I should have full speed.


Re: Verizon hotspot issues?

As I'm sure you know, 15 gb doesn't last too long... if you only use for a couple hours a day or so, that might last you for 30 days.

You might call 611 and ask them to check your hotspot speed. If that checks out, they might have you reset your tablet.

It might be good to use a friend's phone hooked up to your hotspot to see what their speed is when using your hotspot...