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galaxy tab s7 plus, screen cracked


I have a galaxy tab s7 plus bought it back on October, I never dropped it always in keyboard case, I really don't know how my screen cracked, maybe when I closed it once on keyboard like a laptop. Probably when that happened.

I'm wondering if any one knows how much will it cost me to repair it ? 
Screen replacement, even though the crack is hard to see and only shows when screen is off, when screen is on extremely hard to find it. Like hair line end to end.

I should've bought samsung care+ when I purchased it, for tablets you only get the chance to buy samsung care the day you bought it. After that you can't buy samsung care plus. Unfortunately.

Any info about prices here in North America would help. Thanx
Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: galaxy tab s7 plus, screen cracked

I would suggest contacting 1 of the links below to get the best information for repair.

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