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"song no longer available on SM-T510"

Bought a Tab A 10.1 on 10/10/2020 for use in my garage to listen to music.

Wireless is very strong there.

I can listen to Pandora and other streaming sites on my Sonos speakers.

What I really like is playing my stored music from an SD card in tablet.

That's pretty much why I put out the $200+for tablet, OtterBox protection, etc.

I was out there for about 3 weeks, listening to SD card music, livin' large.

On 11/15/2020 I go out to my garage and turn on my tablet.

Starts right up, wants to update, sure why not.

It updates to Version 10, restarts, my music never plays off SD card again.


I use Sonos S1 controller app:

choose browse, music located on this device (SD Card), shows all the album covers and bands, I choose and album, it comes up, I choose play like I have for weeks.

Nothing plays.

It says that this song "no longer available on SM-T510"


The streaming stations all work fine.

The tablet shows the SD card and all it's files.

I remove it and it sees it's gone.

All the permissions are in place, enables are enabled.

I've created/entered "developer options" on my tablet but don't see anyhting in there of help.

I've tried re-formatting the SD card.

I've been in touch with Sonos tech support for 10+ days via their forums and on phone.

Nothing. The Sonos app is fine.

My tablet that updated to V10 is the problem.

I need to throw this thing out the window of a fast moving car over a bridge.

Or I need to get this update off my tablet.





Re: "song no longer available on SM-T510"

Just curious are the songs downloaded and stored from Pandora or something else?

Re: "song no longer available on SM-T510"


All songs mp3 on anSD card that worked great for weeks.

One day I turn on tablet, it auto updates to V10, never works again.

It's a Sonos app problem that won't work with Android V10.

Google site where Sonos S1 app is d'loaded is riddled with complaints about it.

By the thousands it seems and has been going on for a very long time.

Aparently Sonos is ignoring it.

Really f*****g dissapointing after all the years I've used Sonos gear and money I've spent.



Re: Re: "song no longer available on SM-T510"

I can imagine. Hope they fix it, maybe, someday.