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s7+ permanently locked... since Feb. 2023

(Topic created: 06-14-2024 03:52 PM)

Still locked since Feb. 2023 (1.5 years after purchase, so no waranty) after a Samsung update. My password stopped working and I tried too many times, and it is permanently locked. 

Screen says the following:

"There have been too many unsuccessful attempts to unlock this tablet. to protect your security, we've locked it permanently. You'll need to contact customer service to reset your tablet."

Called Samsung more times than I can count (both tech support and Samsung account services). Sent it to there verified service centre. Brought it in-person to three service centres. Tried factory reset with buttons myself using different variations (e.g., cord plugged in to PC/mac/headphones, timing of button release, etc.). Nothing has worked. No reset. 

No videos or any support has been useful so I am at ends here begging for some support or solution. 

Thank you

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