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stylus pen

What would be a good replacement pen for my Galaxy tad s7? Do any of the pens have a locator on it? Thanks 

Re: stylus pen

is it one of the Bluetooth connected type gen 2 or the regular old generic version like most stylus are? if its a gen 2 Bluetooth one, and you lost your and need a replacement then shop in the Samsung store directly do to the fact that those might be coded a certain way not told to third parties for whatever reason. if you just want an extra then, I personally would swing by a local electronics store with cell phones and check the accessories for pens and test some to see the goods working and test for accuracy in button presses and or air gestures that work best with your exact tab over just a brand that's good which might not be for you. check for fitting in the port issues too. it there aren't any choices, then it's probably an order from Sammy only type thing. note... if it's is just the generic old type, get any Bluetooth type and that upgrade quality and type and will work fine.