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1st Beta Software Update (Jun 2nd)

(Topic created: 06-01-2022 10:44 PM)
Community Manager
Community Manager


This is One UI Beta Program Operation Team.
We are thankful that you have taken part in One UI Watch Beta Program.
Enjoy the One UI Watch 4.5 that is upgraded now.

• Watch screen
- New duo edge/box complication are added.
- The watch screen has been upgraded.
• Call, Contact
- Dual SIM function & UI are added.
• Notification
- Agif msg play is supported at message.
- New unified composer : Launch with integrated keyboard, stt, and scramble functions, and draft function support.
- Subtext field support : Display additional information such as gmail noti account name.
- Single unicode emoticon zoom : Supports noti body enlargement function consisting of one emoticon.
• Keyboard
- Support Qwerty Layout, Continuous Input
- Support seamless input of Keyboard/Handwriting/Voice Input.
• Add date, alarm name, notification, etc. to alarm setting.

* Please make sure to update Watch plugin and Samsung Health using the download button of the Beta registration notice as followings:
- Watch4 Manager
- Samsung Health

Thank you.

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