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Samsung Care Ambassador

Samsung Messages now has a trash bin

Hey everyone. I'm sure we've all deleted a message thread and then realized we needed a message or maybe didn't intend on deleting the thread. 

With OneUI 3, Samsung has now added a trash feature to the Samsung Messages app!

Simply open Samsung Messages>Menu>Trash


In here, you can recover deleted threads. If you don't need them, they will auto delete after 15 days or you can manually clear them.

To restore a thread, press and hold on it and press restore.


Take care.

Best regards,
Samsung Care Ambassador

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Re: Samsung Messages now has a trash bin

so this is only for S20? I have an s9 plus, for some reason only the messages from my wife are deleted, when I try to restore them through samsung cloud , under messages it shows 2560 messages to restore but they do not get restore. THe backup date is last night at 4:45am, so what I am thining is the messages must have been deleted prior to the backup date. So now it is restoreing a backup that doesnt have the messages anyways. Is there anyway to change the backup date to a previous backup date?