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Tips for the community!

(Topic created: 10-28-2020 10:40 AM)

Hi everyone! I will be posting tips and things I've noticed in this thread hoping to also help others out.


Edge Lighting has now been moved and is improved! You may find the new setting under "Notifications" although you must choose the "brief" notification style. This automatically enables edge lighting for all apps (which works correctly now). You may deselect apps that you don't want edge lighting for and keep the setting on to get "detailed" on specific apps! 🙂


If you have multiple music players on such as "Spotify", "Youtube", "Samsung Music", etc... you can swipe through these music players in your quick settings pull down. If you choose to close the specific music player, you can long press it and click "Close".


Notification bubbles are now a thing. If you like FB Messengers bubbles then this is for you. You may enable notification bubbles to pop up for specific apps. This allows you to different tasks on your phone and click the bubble to reply and swipe away to keep at your task.


You can now double tap your home screen to lock your phone! Make sure you tap on an empty spot and not anywhere a widget/app is occupying. Make sure this setting is on under "motion and gestures". *ONLY FOR ONE UI AND NOT OTHER LAUNCHERS*


You can now long press an app and add widgets directly from the menu that pops open on your home screen!


Lock screen widgets have moved! You may now tap the clock on your lock screen for a sleek animation that brings up your widgets you can scroll through! Much more intuitive than how it works previously where you swiped through your clock in previous versions of One UI.


Battery stats are now improved! You may now see your battery stats "since the last full charge". This is something I was definitely missing. You can access this from device care in the battery section. Just tap on the battery graph.


You can now add call backgrounds! When you get a call, you may choose to have any image or video pop up behind the callers name to your liking. Unfortunately this is bound to every contact and you cant customize on a contact basis.


You can now easily "paste" screenshots. If you take a screenshot and go into a conversation with the Samsung Keyboard, you will notice a paste button in the suggestion area. You can click the button to paste your most recent screenshot.


Animations are much nicer all around! I will keep this updated on more things I come across. 




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Thank you for the valuable tip. We appreciate your contribution to the Beta community.



One UI Beta Team.


Cosmic Ray
Edge Lighting is not working for all apps. As an example, it works with Samsung Messages but does not work with WhatsApp despite the toggle being turned On.

Anyone experiencing the same?
More cool tips yet?