DV45K6200EW Dryer Drum Cracked


DV45K6200EW Dryer Drum Cracked

Samsung DV45K6200EW Dryer Drum Cracked I too have a new dryer with a cracked drum. We purchased the dryer on 9/4/2016 and did not hook it up for a few months after. The dryer has had very light use over the last year and a half and about 2 weeks ago it started making a lot of noise while drying which is when I discovered the drum was cracked. I have since contacted Samsung Support to try to get this resolved. The first 2 tickets below were closed and I am now working on the third. Samsung recently referred this ticket to a service center who contacted me to schedule a visit. BUT - they want $240 for the service + the cost of the drum ($120) plus as I mentioned to them, something else caused the drum to crack and will also likely need to be replaced. The dryer costed $549 at lowes (Lowes wants nothing to do with this situation) and to have it repaired, the cost is starting at $360 but I am sure it will be more as I mentioned. So, for 1.5 years of use I will be into this for $909. AND becuase I see others with this same issue, I have to assume after another 1.5 years I will have the same issue. You can see in the picture the crack was not caused by something inside the drum but rather internally to the dryer. I am getting no where at all through the normal Samsung customer service channel and do not know where else to go with this. I believe Samsung needs to stand behind its product to see what caused the cracked drum. I have had another dryer of a different brand for at least 20 years and it has the original drum.


Pircture:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3f1f-XexMPYVzlRdVBJclRQUTQ4NVZfTDNIdWxlOXhNRmZV



Ticket Numbers:

5120658788 - Current Ticket - explained above.

5120640357 - Closed by Samsung after stating they could not contact me. They did call once and I could not answer. Called the very next day and ticket was closed.

2190762173 - opened on Samsung Website. Samsung support asked me to close this ticket and open one via the support phone number which I did above (5120640357). Please advise. I am not going to pay any more money as I risk this happening again. Thanks Rob BTW - I tried posting this same message yesterday but for some reason it did not show up