Samsung dryer idler pulley


Samsung dryer idler pulley

I had a DV48H7400EW for less than 2 years before the tensioner failed catastrophically. The dryer had less than 300 cycles on it (294 to be exact). Quoted cost to repair between 200-250.00, or half the cost of the dryer new.


I wrote a letter to Samsung president Tim Baxter that said that any company that produces a product that fails after less than 300 cycles, should consider that a design failure and be ashamed of themselves.


As a result of that letter, a Samsung representative called and kept reiterating that my tensioner failure was an isolated incident and that their design team had affirmed that the part was appropriately designed. I told them I disagreed and that they might want to look at thier own website service community pages.


It appears to me that many are effected by this failure and the tensioner appears to be in many different dryer products, as I am sure that tensioner was used in many different lines/models.


Maybe a products liability/recall specialist law firm will read this post and do the research to certify a class, I have no idea what is required to get that done. If someone does, count me in.


As a consumer, Samsung is now on my do not buy list for ANY product.


Re: Samsung dryer idler pulley

Yes, I totally agree with your comment on the quality of Samsung products.  We moved into our brand new home two years ago and purchased a Samsung washer and dryer.  Since then the washer lid was recalled and now our dryer just failed.  The repair person said the bearing in the idler assembly froze causing the "plastic" pulley to melt and the dryer to shut down and he went on to say he has seen it before and it should NOT be happening.  Finally he stated the replacement assembly was different and he thought improved.  So if something breaks because of a failed bearing resulting from a bad design why should I have to pay $217.83 to have it fixed?  The repair cost is over a third of the cost of the dryer new.  The Samsung brand no matter what product it is will never be purchased again.


Wish I knew a law firm willing to take this potential suit on because it's not fair to the unsuspecting customer to end up having to pay for company's poor design.  And by the way, it took two and a half weeks to get it fixed because the repair company had to order the part.