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Well, something else just came up a few minutes ago. Samsung rep just left me a voicemail stating they will not be coming out on the 22nd because once again the repair person cant make it that day...twice already I have been given this excuse and now I have to go into town to do my laundry. I have been without a washer now for a month. I had to take time off work to be home last time. No courtesy call to let me know they werent coming. I notified them 4 hours after the appointment and their response was, "I understand I know how you feel." This is pure garbage. I am so disgusted and angry with samsung right now. 


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I am hoping that you can assist me with an ongoing issue in reference to your Top Load Washer recall.


I started this process in early February with 5 calls to date (to 1-866-264-5636), and each time the representative had NO idea what to do and asks my entire story again and again to add notes that apparently don't get reviewed by anyone. Each time I was told I'd receive a call back from your escalation department within "so many business days" with the latest time being Tuesday afternoon (7 March 2017) and I'm still awaiting a call back.


As I’ve stated previously to your customer service representatives, I consider my issue straight forward; I’ve scoured your recall website and all available documentation and CAN NOT find where Samsung has explained the following statement to mean anything other than what it says and I quote “Consumers who choose a Samsung washer will receive an additional loyalty incentive up to $150 toward their new Samsung washer purchase." In plain English this means in ADDITION to and NOT part of the rebate of the cost of the new Samsung washer. I am now wondering if this additional loyalty incentive was just a ploy to insure that more affected customers would choose to purchase Samsung?


I’ve additionally scoured your recall website and all available documentation and CAN NOT find “Where it says that TAXES are excluded from the rebate”. In my experience when a Company says “it wants to DO the right thing toward it customers” it does so by making their customer(s) whole which means paying all expenses incurred by the customer to purchase a replacement Samsung appliance and in this case providing an (“additional loyalty incentive up to $150”) for those customers that stay loyal to Samsung.


I received a check for $629, the documentation I received from you says “You will receive $824 toward the purchase of a New Samsung Washer or $709 toward the purchase of a washer from another manufacturer.


I purchased the original Samsung washer WA50K8600AV/A2 serial # OFKA5AUH409579T and the matching Samsung dryer with extended warrantee on 2 Oct 2016 and they were delivered on 12 Oct 2016. Subtotal $1569.14 plus taxes $109.84 = $1677.09


I purchased a replacement Samsung WA50K8600AV/AA on 16 Jan 2017 and mailed the rebate form with required documentation after my new washer was delivered on 20 Jan 2017. 


Additionally your website states “consumers who purchased a recalled washer in the last 30 days of this recall announcement are eligible for a full refund from their original place of purchase”.


I purchased my Samsung washer & dryer pair on 2 October 2016 and they were delivered on 12 Oct 2016 so well within your “last 30 days of the recall announcement” of 4 November 2016.


Case reference number is 632847

Calls to CSR 10, 13, 17 Feb 2017, told to expect call back from escalation department within 5 days – No Call

Follow-up to CSR spoke to Supervisor Melissa 23 Feb 2017 @3:15pm told to expect call back from escalation department within 5 Days – No Call

Follow-up to CSR spoke to Supervisor Juan 3 Mar 2017 @3:48pm told to expect call back from escalation department within 2 days - No Call

Followed-up via Samsung website with SamsungSabrina (your moderator) 4 times on 6 Mar 2017 told to expect callback from escalation department (with two acknowledgments from SamsungSabrina) that the escalation department would call me), with a callback finally on 7 Mar with No resolution and further request for documents which I have provided 4 times to date.


It's truly a shame that your Samsung customer service representatives have chosen to simple ignore its customer.


My bottom line is; Samsung has NOT honored its commitment.


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Sorry for all you are going through.  I went through it for a month.  4 pages of documented calls and ticket numbers.

Wish you didn't buy another Samsung.  The customer service is horrible and if you have a problem, they send

out 3rd party techs.  I will never buy another Samsung product.  The tech actually damaged my washer and

Samsung said no one wants to come out to replace top.  How do you like that!  Also, the dryer had a weird noise.

Another 3rd party tech comes out, replaces a part and still I have the same problem.  They don't have any

techs in my area to repair.  So, they offered me a buy out.  They would rather buy out the washer and dryer

instead of having it repaired.  At the time Sears was not involved, now they are.  I'm sure they could have fixed



Stop wasting your time with these customer service people.  I was sent from one to another.   Contact BBB and

then send a nasty e-mail to President, CEO and Sales Rep.  You will get a call from the President's office and

that should get the ball rolling.  Try to get what you can.  I know it is frustrating.


Good Luck!


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No one is going to come out because these 3rd party techs do not want to be bothered with Samsung.

Call the BBB and then send e-mail to President of Samsung, VP and CEO with all  your documentation,

all phone calls.  I had 4 pages.  The BBB will contact them and then the President's office will contact

you.  I also got jerked around by the President's office and I let BBB know and then resent letters.

After 3 people from the President's office calling me, I finally got one who did the right thing.

NEVER BUY ANOTHER SAMSUNG PRODUCT.  They do not have competent techs.  Maybe Sears techs

are competent but they were not involved at the time. 


Good luck!


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The fix they sent me was don't user your washer until the repair kit come in, which took 2 months and there's no way I could go with without a washer.


Then once the repair kit come in, it was a freaking sticker. Wait... what? Yep a freaking sticker is suppose to fix how violent it spins out water. 


I'm surprised you didn't send a sticker to repair the Note 7 screw up. 


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I mailed my rebate on Dec 19, 2016. I have called 7 times since Feb 8, 2017 and get the same "song and dance" everytime. "they are escalating my case and someone will call me back. NEVER have gotten a call back. 2 weeks ago I was promised that I would receive my rebate check within 2 weeks....guess what no check. I called again today and was told by this "so called" supervisor tht he would personally look into it and "someone" would get back to me. I told him that I have been told this 6 previous times. I WILL be calling BBB. This is so frustrating....Needless to say I am glad I purchased a Maytag this time!


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The "repair" is to install a couple of metal bars to try to keep the tub in when it is thrashing out of control.  Oh, and a couple of stickers to tell you the top can "detach" and that you can only use the previously-labeled waterproof cycle for bedding.  Tough luck that the recommended cycle can only perform a slow spin and bedding comes out sopping wet.  The "repair" may give Samsung some protection from lawsuits, but there is NO attempt to fix the actual problem, which will continue to occur when washing jeans, towels, heavy jackets, or any larger load.  There is just an extreme amount of movement of the drum from side to side.  How could such a major design error have ever passed product testing? 

I sure wish I'd known this before I signed up for the "repair".  Now I'm stuck with a machine barely adequate to do the task it was sold for.  No more Samsung for me, since this is their version of customer support.


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my washer was on the recall list went out and purchased a new front load samsung machine. sent in the rebate forms and still waiting on a check 4 months later on rebate check. Called and complained 3 times only to be told we will have someone contact you about the issue. Still waiting on that call too. Samsung customer service is a joke.


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It's now 10 April and still waiting for someone to contact me ref my incorrect rebate. Samsung customer service is by far the worse I've ever dealt with, unresponsive and unreliable.  Even the officeofthepresident is lacking any understanding of what true customer service is. I suggest everyone boycott all Samsung products... 


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I have had the Same thing. Have sent all the information, with NOTHING back. have placed numberous phone calls, with promises of escallation to the next level and someone will call you back... no one ever did. call again, was told yes we have all your information, not sure what the hold up is.  call again and was told well, I don't know how he can tell you that, we can't see that... you actually need to email someone for them to get back to you... email the department, still no return email or phone call.  again. call back again and now they are going to escallad it to another department because I AM **bleep**ING SPECIAL  guess what. still not special enough to get a phone call back.  

today my rebate delay has been approved??? WTF is that????