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2017 Flex Wash Upper Washer Not Working

Hi all! We have a 2017 Samsung Flex Wash and have two major problems with it. We've only used it a handful of times as it has been in a vacation home, but now that we have relocated here full time, we are using it almost daily.


First, the upper washing tub isn't working. The dashboard is fully operational - it allows me to select the cycles, etc. When I press start, it does the usual check to ensure the lid is closed, and it makes a sound as if the motor is working, but the tub won't spin and it won't fill with water. We've tried everything we can think of, but with no error code, we are at a loss. We've tried calibrating it, and that doesn't fix the issue. 

The second issue is that the lid for the lower washer detergent/softener is somehow rubbing against the plastic on the upper tub area and makes a horrible cracking sound each time it is opened and closed. It's only a matter of time before the plastic cracks. 

Any ideas?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: 2017 Flex Wash Upper Washer Not Working

I'm sorry to hear that so that I may look into this can I have your full model number? 

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