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4 year old dryer stopped working- HELP!

We purchased our Washer/Dryer from Sears back in 2016, brand new. 


Last weekend the drum on our dryer stopped spinning. The motor came on, everything thing would come on- only issue was the spinning. 


So we do some research and order a dryer kit and prepare to try fixing it ourselves. The kit came with the pulley, belt and rollers. When my husband took the dryer apart to get to the pulley it was clear that this part had been damaged somehow, maybe normal wear and tear. 


My husband replaces the pulley, easy. Goes ahead and replaces the belt as well since the drum is already dismounted from the dryer. 


He reassembles everything, plugs it in doesn't work! Now the only thing coming on are the lights on the control panel. It acts like it's going to work but then nothing spins, the motor doesnt turn on, what the heck?! My husband takes it apart, watches some more videos but cant see that there is anything put together wrong.


Anyone know what the issue could be or had a similar problem?? 

Model: DV40J3000EW/A2 



Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: 4 year old dryer stopped working- HELP!

I am sorry to hear about this. Your issue could be caused by quite a few components, from a door switch, a broken wire, or even a control panel, to name a few. We recommend having the dryer diagnosed by a service technician.

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