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47 days since my initial attempt at a warranty claim (DO NOT EDIT THIS TITLE AGAIN, MODS)

This has been the most laughably unprofessional experience in my life.


I bought a Samsung smart washer around mid-March and it broke in late April. I'm in the military and was quarantined in my house so I decided to not make a warranty claim right away so we wouldn't be quarantined when someone came to fix it. A ridiculous thought in hindsight.


May 4th: I called Samsung for a warranty claim. I went through a whole procedure on the phone to file the claim. The agent then said someone would call me and mumbled who it would be. I asked 3 times who would call me, still no straight answer. Then he hung up.


May 8th: No call from "someone." I was told that in 7 business days someone would call me to make an appointment for an exchange. Then within 13 days the exchange would be complete.


May 21st: No call for an appointment. They said it's cancelled and they didn't know why.


May 22nd: They tell me they filed a refund for me, and I'll be getting it in 7-10 business days.


May 29th: They tell me that the refund was cancelled, and that another exchange was filed for me on May 25th.


May 29th: I get a text that the refund process was starting again. They said to respond to the text or call 1800SAMSUNG. Of course I don't trust them, so I call. Talk to an agent, they transfer me to another department. Spent 45 minutes on hold, gave up and hung up. At this point I call a lawyer and explain what's happening. I've got the lawyer in my pocket, but decide to wait to see if this refund works out first.


June 3rd: I get an e-mail to file how I would like to recieve my refund (direct deposit, check, etc.) I choose direct deposit.


June 11th:  I get more instructions in an email about cutting the power cord, uploading a document with my serial number, etc. I do it the same day.


June 18th: I get another email that sais "A Refund Request has been submitted on your behalf" with another ticket number. 


As of today, when I look up the ticket number it says "Your refund has been processed and is being reviewed for final approval." Again, 47 days and counting since I originally reahced out, and took about 25 days to get anywhere further than nowhere. Anyone have a similar experience or advice? I just can't believe how a large modern company can be so blatanly unprofessional.


Re: 47 days since my initial attempt at a warranty claim (DO NOT EDIT THIS TITLE AGAIN, MODS)

I'm having the same issues and this has been going on since ending February, after filing the Refund Process on June 22nd hours later I get an email that, I needed to send my Serial Decal along with the Terms and Condition form to their mailing address. the following day later I get another email stating "Your refund has been processed and is being reviewed for final approval." I contacted Samsung via Chat, and they didn't give much information, and never confirmed to why I need to mail out my Decal and forms out. And I just have to wait 48 hours I'll be receiving the refund. I'll see tomorrow if it's true.